question 1

What is the first book in the Bible?

A Matthew
B Genesis
C Revelation
D John

question 2

Name two of the 12 original disciples.

A Paul and Timothy
B Mark and Luke
C John and James
D Joanna and Suzanna

question 3

What is the greatest commandment?

A Do not murder.
B Always tell the truth.
C Love the Lord your God.
D Love others as your self.

question 4

Which statement is NOT correct?

A Adam was the first man.
B Moses received the 10 commandments.
C Noah built the ark.
D Jacob (Israel) did not have any children.

question 5

Which is NOT a reference to Jesus.

A The Lamb of God
B The Fisherman
C The Morning Star
D The Gate

question 6

How does Jesus return in the future?

A He is born as a baby again.
B He returns from the heavens on a white horse.
C He just appears as a man who becomes king.
D It is a total mystery.

question 7

How do you get to heaven?

A Be a good person.
B Read the Bible daily and attend church regularly.
C Obey the 10 commandments.
D Repent of your sin and invite Jesus to be your Savior and Lord.

question 8

What is the work of God that we are to do?

A Believe.
B Give to the poor.
C Go to church.
D Be honest and true.

question 9

Who killed Jesus?

A Pilate - the Roman governor.
B The Jewish council.
C The Jews who cried out, "Crucify Him."
D Me.

question 10

After Jesus was raised from the dead, how many people saw him?

A More than 500 people.
B Only the 12 disciples behind closed doors.
C Only Mary Magdalene and the 12 disciples.