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 Allan’s  B-737 Power Point Web Page A power point review of B-737 limitations.

Ask and Love Our testimony of Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior. This is the story of miracles that changed my life and the life of my wife, Susan.  This paper is four pages and the most important message.

Quick Basic Bible Test  Take a quick  basic 10 question test to check your knowledge on the Bible and Christianity. Your total score is not as important as just answering the ninth question (Question 9 -  Who killed Jesus?) For the quiz to operate, you need to allow “pop-up” windows on your computer.

Bible Test II   Do you want more of a challenge? Here is a more difficult 10 question test on the Bible and Christianity. For the quiz to operate, you need to allow “pop-up” windows on your computer.

Introduction to the Bible A ten page introduction to the New Testament which involves reading ten stories from the Gospels- one page per day.  It starts with the birth of Jesus and ends with his resurrection.  If you have never read the Bible or if you know someone who has never really read the story of Jesus, here is a great introduction.

In Christ
A short book that explains the power of the cross and that in Christ we are saved, healed, delivered, protected, and blessed. The Greek word, "sozo" describes what Jesus did for us and we take an in-depth look at Luke chapter 8 to understand the meaning of "sozo". We also will study the prophetic words of Isaiah chapter 53 to show that everything that you will ever need whether spiritual, physical, emotional, or material has been provided by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.  

The Events of the Life of Jesus  A list of events in the life of Jesus and the references in the four Gospels. This tool will help you find what Jesus did and said.

What do Catholics and Protestants Believe? A five page summary paper on what the Catholics and Protestants believe together and on what doctrines they have different views. We take a look a purgatory, the role of the church, salvation, communion, Martin Luther, and more.

Live, Learn, Love  What is the purpose of life?

Crossword puzzle on basic Bible  A simple crossword puzzle on basic Bible information- great for kids.

Crossword puzzle on the Names of Jesus  A easy crossword puzzle using the different names in the Bible for Jesus- easy adult puzzle with the names provide at the bottom if you need a little help.

Our Family Pictures
Pictures of our family from marriage to present

Keith’s Homepage
Keith's home page, our graduate at CMU.

Picture Page
Various family pictures

1968 Firebird  See information on our 1968 Firebird Convertible


The Flying Pages

Stall Torque and Spin  A story about my first accidental airplane spin and what you can do if life has you in a spin. Recommended for everyone. The second part of the article is technical information for pilots about stalls, the use of rudder, propeller torque effects, and spins. The second part is recommended for all general aviation pilots.

Aerospace Quiz  A short interesting aviation and aerospace trivia quiz. For the quiz to operate, you need to allow “pop-up” windows on your computer.

100 Years of Flight- The Wright Brothers  Try a short quiz and learn some interesting history on the Wright Brothers. Celebrate 100 years of flight 1903-2003.

Allan’s B-737 Power Point Web Page  A power point review of B-737 limitations and information.



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