He was always prepared, never reckless;

His experience bred confidence, but not disrespect.

His Lord had become his compass;

he never doubted the direction of his life's flight

and savored the opportunity to pilot others on the journey.

One might say ... a freak accident,

            a tragic loss,

            a life cut short.

All true enough, but on the other hand...

A life's work well and faithfully done;

a man who led by his daily example.

Whose faith had become his parachute.

In retrospect, it's only right;

A sunny day, an ultralight;

Another chance to soar above

the earth below in the sky he loved.

The Pilot, a man of faith,

steadfast, patient, spiritual, loving.

Who knew who he was;

who know what was important;

who knew whom he served;

and why he did with such joy and devotion.

To fly was to breathe the sweetest air;

To serve God his greatest care.

He passed from this list to the next

with calm confidence, dignity and prayer.

His final moments invested in praising God

and remembering those who meant the most to him.

His itinerary was long ago filed and approved;

his destination clearly in sight.

The Pilot, who flew in the heavens safely for years;

now safely in Heaven with his Lord and Savior forever.

In retrospect, it's only right;

A sunny day, an ultralight;

And for my Friend, the Pilot, a Heavenly flight.

Allan R. Eich

This poem was written by Allan's friend Dave Prescott. They attended pre-school together, were best friends through high school, were in each other's weddings and stayed good friends for many years. Dave and his family reside in Columbus, Ohio.
last updated 7/29/2007